erin’s on fire!
Posted in artists, techie stuff March 12th, 2009 by piablog

…not literally, i assure you. but have you seen what she’s been up to lately at the design for mankind headquarters? Beside establishing her very own magazine, which has been filled with awesomeness since its inception last year, she has been busy creating project after project, including free encouragement, giveaways galore, and bakery where she helps bake businesses with collaborator jaime derringer of design milk. I can barely keep up! Because as if that was not enough, Erin has just begun another super cool project of the video variety called dialogue

Erin says the goal of dialogue is simple: we want to say what we’re not saying: “talk about what we’re not talking about. you know, the realistic side of living a life of creativity.” She has rounded up a slew of artists to speak on some great topics, the first episode being about “how to keep the balance” featuring artists Jen Gotch, Lisa Solomon and Kelly Lynn Jones….

credits clockwise from top left…1.jen gotch 2. lisa solomon 3. lisa solomon 4. kelly lynn jones 5. jen gotch.

so for all the artists and designers and people who want to be artists or designers of some kind out there, click here to view the first episode! hmm, i wonder who else erin has rounded up for dialogue…?

photo by lenaah

and don’t forget to check out her other venture called bakery, filled with posts about blogging and small business tips.

You go girl!!


Oh the irony! If only it were funny…
Posted in techie stuff October 25th, 2008 by piablog

What are the chances of me saying there will be a full day of posts at the exact moment my hosting company has a crash and burn scenario with my server? The entire afternoon I have had steam coming out of my ears. Oh how I must apologise to you all for my lack of presence today! Well, actually my hosting company could apologise (I am still waiting for it).

In the meantime, let’s pick up where we left off shall we…