just launched: my new website…
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I officially declare my new online portfolio live! Above is a sneak peek of some of the images you will find when you peruse the site. There is lots to see, so please take your time scrolling through each page, and check out all the links within. Not only are there sections showcasing my styling work and photography, but there are now individual book pages for each of my books, including previews, sales contacts and a stockists page. I’ll take the time to explain some more about each page on the website in the weeks to come, and will also showcase various new work here in the (blog)house:  a little ‘behind the scenes’ of the making of some of the images.

Oh, I do hope you like it. Please pass on the news about my new website to anyone who you think might be interested in my work. Thank you so much.

Now, I think I need a little rest.


now you see it, now you don’t…
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Remember last year (and possibly the year before that and the year before that) I mentioned that I was eager to update my online portfolio? It’s been 4 years since it was updated, and in that four years, as you know, I’ve created a lot of work, none of which I’ve been able to upload to the portfolio. During last year’s book making, the actual reality of updating the website was just way too overwhelming. But with the endless support & IT help from Romain, this last month here in Sydney I’ve been working incredibly hard to design, gather, collect, code and create a whole new website, full of images and lots of book info – all in one neat little space.  It will be super user friendly, easy to navigate, and very much in my style of keeping things simple & pared back. Oh, I’m excited, I’m excited!

Above are two screen grabs of my soon-to-be-old online portfolio. If you feel so inclined, I would love it if you went and took a last wander through that space – a long last look at my work ‘then’  because tomorrow – yes, tomorrow – after another evening and morning of tweaking and refining, I will launch the new site. Are you ready? Oh, I do hope so.

À demain, mes chers amis, à demain!


random: sydney bus stop…
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what: bus stop. where: newport west, sydney.  why: love the nature all around.


I thought I might start a new series of posts here in the (blog)house, an “in between posts” series where I just post a random photo taken wherever I might be, with a brief description. What do you think, shall we give it a whirl, see if we like this idea? Perhaps it will help make me feel a bit more settled in my old/new surroundings. px

Anthology: living with substance & style…
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Anthology, issue no. 2, “where the Past Meets the Present”

Conversation, with Leslie Oschmann from Swarm

…Conversation, page 2…

A few months ago I had the good fortune of being asked to photograph my dear friend Leslie’s home in Amsterdam for the newest issue of Anthology. For those who don’t know, Anthology is the new kid on the block in the shelter and lifestyle print magazine world. The first issue launched at the end of last year with a whopping online ovation, and a great marketing campaign announcing that ‘print is not dead’…

the cover for the first issue of Anthology, “The Slow Life”

The other day, I received a copy each of the first two issues and I’m rapt to report that this magazine deserves all the applause it has received since its inception.  Founded by Meg Mateo Ilasco (author of the wonderful Craft, Inc & Crafting a Meaningful Home books) and the ever-lovely Anh-Minh Le, Anthology cleverly fills the gap that has been so needed in this market – a lifestyle mag about real people in real homes, sharing their lives and inspiration in an open,  pared back, intelligent, and untainted-by-heavy-advertising way. The layouts are beautiful, crisp and simple, the paper quality and texture is lovely, the “shopkeeper’s picks” are thoughtful & unique, and the home stories are modern, content-rich & refreshing. There are some really interesting ‘in every issue’ pieces, like the ‘making the magazine’ spread which, in issue no. 2 features illustrations depicting quirky behind the scenes tidbits  (story locations, sightings during the production, ‘drinks consumed on set’).  Also in issue no. 2, “Where the Past meets the Present”, there is a knock out visual travelogue by Jen Siska who uses both high and low-fi cameras to showcase Palm Springs. The results are stunning…

a sneak peek at jen siska’s palm springs visual travelogue

A big congratulations to Meg and Anh-Minh for creating a beautiful publication. It’s an honour to be a contributor, here’s cheers to print being alive and kicking!


PS yes that was my first exclamation mark in weeks. (!!)
PPS preview both issues online right here. You can order Anthology online, and for a worldwide stockists list, click here.

made by hand: elephant ceramics…
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How exquisite is this new range of porcelain and ceramic ware by Michele Micheal?  She incorporates the texture of homespun linen into the clay, and uses a series of painterly techniques like brushing, dripping and pouring for glazing. I adore the deep blue color palette and the organic, raw shapes. Without doubt this range will be used a-plenty in upcoming photo shoots around the world. Congrats Michele!

-All images by elephant ceramics.
-View the whole collection here.