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Posted in fashion, handmade September 16th, 2009 by pia


Last week or so you may have noticed that I featured the blog of the very beautiful 100% organic cotton children’s wear line called Periwinklebloom in the ‘blogs in the spotlight'(see sidebar). This week I’m delighted to share with you Periwinklebloom’s Autumn ’09 collection which has just launched. The concept behind this collection is about layering, and ‘kind’ design, with an introduction of ‘waste-not wares’ –  making use of organic cotton and vintage scraps. The collection was shot in an antiques warehouse by photographer Greg Rannells, and I adore everything about it – not only the new designs but the styling, the location, the props and of course, the gorgeous models. Tyler, who is the creator of Periwinklebloom recently told me that she kept my book in mind as her muse for the shoot. Wowsers, what a compliment.  I love how inspiration is a revolving, ever-evolving door…


So here is a sneak peek of Periwinklebloom’s Autumn ’09 collection but be sure to check out the full range right here. Each garment is 100% organic cotton, homegrown and hand-sewn in the United States.




Beautiful, non? Oh, I love it. Thank you,  Periwinklebloom.

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  1. vintage simple says

    Yes, beautiful design, philosophy and photography. A treasure all around…

    September 16th, 2009 | #

  2. deb says

    Oh my, sheer beauty.

    September 16th, 2009 | #

  3. cindy says

    it’s beautiful and i love her concept of ‘kind’ design. if only i was/were small.

    September 16th, 2009 | #

  4. Andi says

    If I ever have children they WILL be wearing this!! Why oh why don’t they make adult clothes!? 🙂

    September 16th, 2009 | #

  5. sofia says

    lovely! so cute and refreshing!

    September 17th, 2009 | #

  6. Jane Flanagan says

    So beautiful and adorable. I love the antique feeling from these beautiful shots too.

    September 17th, 2009 | #

  7. ibb says

    So adorable. Love pure cotton refreshing sensation.

    September 17th, 2009 | #

  8. vitania says

    All so pretty – Pure cotto is a must for children! And I adore the image gallery.

    September 17th, 2009 | #

  9. Victoria says

    Pure style, love it, I wish I still had a little girl to dress like that…my teen, well….
    The photographs are precious!

    September 18th, 2009 | #

  10. Bali Beach Bunny says

    the bottom left one…
    with the pocket…
    yay pockets

    September 18th, 2009 | #

  11. Christel says

    c’est tres joli! organic cotton, chambray, pretty dress convey a sense of happy childhood.

    September 18th, 2009 | #

  12. Maia says

    Great clothes, beautiful concept and lovely styling. ANd yes, I can see your influence here. Isn’t it nice to be someone else’s inspiration?

    September 19th, 2009 | #

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