inspiration overload encore: manon gignoux’s paris studio…
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This is a gorgeous article from World of Interiors that I have had on my moodboard for well over a year now, I’ve been meaning to show you for that long! Aren’t I lazy (don’t answer that). Oh yes I remember why I didn’t show you earlier – it’s because I was hoping to shoot Manon’s studio as part of Paris: Made By Hand! But after a chat with Manon we found out that her atelier is not open to the public, and that is very important for the Made By Hand concept. So then I tried to find Manon’s work in Paris so that I could at least include her pieces, but to no avail. Her work was nowhere to be found in Paris at the time. I was very sad as I adore her creations and philosophy, and wanted to photograph her space and her work. I hope one day I have the opportunity to do so, but in the meantime let’s take a look at these beautiful photographs by Eric Morin for World of Interiors


Manon creates fabric sculptures, dressed household objects, clothes and accessories.  Every single piece is unique and exquisite…


She uses uniforms from early 20th century workmen and women, and her textile collection is, well, c’est à mourir (to-die-for)…


Manon’s studio is part of a residents for artists. Her kitchen is full of lovely old crockery, all on display, and the back wall is covered in peony wallpaper which she found at a brocante


And then, as if Eric Morin (sorry I cannot find any website for his work) did not already whet our appetite for  inspiration, I just found this incredible story of images by Japanese photographer Makiko Takehara (again, no online portfolio)who recently photographed Manon and her Paris studio for Japanese fashion magazine so-en. Take a deep breath and hold it tight, because what you are about to see will indeed, take your breath away…




Are you still with me? My heart did ten double backflips when I first saw these images, with thanks to mady dooijes of abundance – a textile designer herself who authors a beautiful blog filled with inspiration. From there I went on a rather erratic wander – running to a number of dead ends in search of the original shots and more information. Alas, here are the images, but no more information than I have already offered. Manon and her work remains a beautiful mystery, one that you may cross if you are in the right place, at the right time.  Let’s hope for this moment…


To see more of Manon Gignoux’s work, please click here.

the morning light…
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…illuminates my working space. It’s time to make a cup of tea and get started. I wonder what today will bring?

boarding pass, please…
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A while ago I was asked by the ever lovely anne if I could answer a few fun questions (like: what’s in your “designer travel kit” ? and: on an average, how many pictures to you take on a trip?)  for her boarding pass series on her blog, prêt à voyager. Today, the post is up! With loads of photos and little handwritten descriptions…


To read the full post, please click here. I do hope you like it. Thank you dear anne! I hope to see you in Paris one day soon.


PS I just added the link within widget which is something I have been meaning to do as I am quite liking it on other blogs. What do you think of it? I thought it might be a nice way to see old posts that you may have missed. Let me know your thoughts…

UPDATE, 2 days later: I have removed the link within widget for the moment because I feel like it messes up the tranquility of the posts. If I can find  a way of making it more subtle, I shall put it back in. Thanks for all your feedback on facebook!

my weekend was…
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…eventful. And included a beautiful night ride along the ij river, a late supper of dim sum, a stroll around the spiegelkwartier gazing at glorious antiques, afternoon tea, and sweet sweet music, live,  as the sun set, in my little boat living room.

Oh, and my hair caught on fire in a cafe, with thanks to a table candle. Thankfully I saw the flames reflected in french boy’s suddenly wide eyes the second it happened and managed to grab it with my bare hands to pat it out. For the whole night all I could smell was burnt hair.

How was your weekend?

inspiration overload: j morgan puett & mildred’s lane…
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Last night I had a rare chance to visit my (blog)neighbours via my blogroll, and see what everyone is up to. It’s a rather favourite wander of mine, because there is always so much inspiration to be found at each of their places, and I come back to my (blog)house filled with light and joy. Just before I was about to head to bed, I decided to visit one more place and it was that of pacha design (you may recall I featured their awesome blog in my ‘blogs in the spotlight’ a couple of weeks ago). My heart soared when I spotted their post on fashion and textile artist J Morgan Puett’s artist colony in Pennsylvania called Mildred’s Lane. I have never seen a more inspiring property in all my life, take a look…




J Morgan Puett and her ex-partner and now good friend who she calls peabody, have spent ten years creating this magical place as an artists colony. They don’t believe in disposability so everything is used, re-used, and reworked – old nightgowns become tablecloths, bits of steel become coffee tables, and old linen is used as floor coverings. The staircase is made up of random steps, nothing is taken for granted and it takes a week to clean the place which is a cherished chore as it gives her a chance to rearrange her incredible collections. Old sheds have been turned into guest rooms in the most romantic and timeless of ways. There is not a space that has not been styled – J Morgan Puett even styles the inside of her fridge which is like a work of art with  gnarled wood and antique linen put to good use.





I’m completely enraptured. If I had magic red slippers I would click them right now 3 times to take me straight there. This is where I would like to be to rejuvenate my spirit in between projects.


All incredible photographs are by Simon Upton for  London Telegraph Magazine.

Be sure to visit J Morgan Puett’s website for a more inspiration.

Thank you Pacha Design for showing me the way to Mildred’s Lane.