Paris: Made By Hand, by Pia Jane Bijkerk…
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Words cannot describe how I feel to be able to finally share this with you my dear readers. It has been a moment I have been waiting for for so long. And without warning, the news of its impending arrival was sprung upon me today in the most beautiful of ways – I received an email from the owner of a gorgeous boutique in California letting me know that she just received a stack of my books that she had on order and loved it so much that she had to email me to let me know. Thank you dear Michele, your email made my day.

So, without further ado, I want you all to know that my very first book is available in all good bookstores around the world right …now.

Wow. I can’t believe I can finally write that.

I promise I will show and tell more about the book very soon (you know I have so much to show + tell!!!) but for now, please click here to read all about it, and to purchase your copy.


oh dear. i’m not sure i can sleep now.

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…is just so pretty. with it’s birch lined bicycle paths, dreamy dutch homes, and a breathtaking forest to wander through, I would certainly say this town is a little secret slice of heaven. walking to the studio everyday was such a treat, take a look…

The shoot is over now and I’m back in the (blog)house, ready to share some more day enhancing things with you. Unfortunately I had no luck getting hold of fresh rye, but I want to thank everyone of you who tried to get me some! I had such lovely offers from as far as Estonia and Texas – you guys are the best. Even though we couldn’t make it happen I absolutely appreciate your efforts. No doubt I’ll have some more fabulously obscure prop requests and I’ll be sure to call on you for help.

Today I managed to snap some shots of the gorgeous studio I’ve been working in so I’ll post these photos soon.

But now, everyone take a deep breath. I have something coming up in my next post that I hope will be so day enhancing for you that you will be throwing your fists up in the air yelling ‘yippee!!’. I can barely contain my excitement…

travelling through the dutch countryside…
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For the past week or so I’ve been traveling back and forth from a gorgeous studio in Bilthoven, here in The Netherlands. Each morning and each night on the trains home I see the most beautiful scenery – lambs playing, cows grazing, horses galloping… all amongst lovely old dutch farmhouses, and the greenest grass. It’s a wonderful way to arrive to work and a wonderful way to leave. I haven’t had a chance to take photos of the town which is so picturesque, and unfortunately tomorrow is my last day on the shoot. So I will take my camera in the hope to catch a moment here and there to show you around. I’ve really enjoyed this shoot and the team I’m working with, and hope to work with them again. It’s a bit of a way to travel everyday, but it’s been such a pleasure! Here are some photos I’ve captured while on the train thus far…

gorgeous, non?


PS oops I nearly left out this one…

if only I was living in london…
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…i would have gone straight to rose alley to read my e-friend vic’s incredible short stories that she taped up on the wall. i have wanted her to write a book of short stories ever since I started reading her blog posts some 2 years ago. and now look what she’s gone and done… if only I was living in london. Please encourage her (with comments below or comments on her blog) to publish a book so we can all read what was posted on that beautiful old brick wall!

(these are lucky people)

Click here to read Victoria’s post about her cool writing project.

anzac biscuits at my doorstep on anzac day…
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today I came home to find that fellow aussie expat and dear friend Zoë had popped over with some home baked anzac biscuits for me and French Boy, in honour of anzac day. So so sweet. This little parcel made my day. Thank you Zoë.

Today is also my gorgeous goddaughter’s first birthday. She is having a little party tomorrow. She will be a ladybeetle for the day as my cousin has not only found the sweetest ladybeetle outfit for her, but even made a ladybeetle cake.

I will be there in spirit. Ladybeetle spirit, of course. Happy Birthday sweet baby girl.