play me i’m yours…
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…is a gorgeous public piano project in Sydney right now until February 2. Created by British artist Luke Jerram, his idea is “to challenge pre-conceived notions of city living and enhance our sense of community by providing free access to pianos all over the city”. There are 30 pianos dotted around the city including one at Centennial Park, Circular Quay, QVB and The Opera House (click here to see all the locations).

I did not know about this until I left Sydney the other day. Of course I’m bummed about it as if I had have seen a piano I would have sat down immediately, I can rarely contain myself when I see a piano in a room or space, and I am usually not satisfied until I sit down to play at least one song. So, I don’t know where these pianos were hiding when I was there because French Boy and I were regularly at these locations! Anyway, perhaps one of you would play one for me this weekend? It would make a great Julia Cameron-style artist date don’t you think?

So dear Luke, can you please bring your piano project to Amsterdam this year? I could take lots of great photographs for you. And I would love you long time.

image from street pianos, sydney.

this morning…
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…while it’s business as usual for some creatures here on the canal, I am tucked up in bed inside le petit bateau, hot totty and piles of tissues by my side. The view outside my window has been a wonderful source of entertainment on this very chilly morning.

feeling a little fuzzy…
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Sometime between writing yesterday’s post and having some loempia for afternoon tea at Cafe Koosje, my body gave way to a rather ugly flu. I spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch, sipping a hot totty, barely able to move a muscle without causing extreme agony. Thankfully Alfred was around to fluff my pillows and feed me, and put me to bed.

It’s my birthday and this is not exactly how I imagined celebrating. On a more upbeat note, Happy Australia Day my fellow Aussies!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day, full of snags and booze.

It is also the start of Chinese New Year today and I just happen to be reading Helen Tse’s beautifully written Sweet Mandarin which I found on my bedside table back in Sydney – sweet synchronicity.

So while I’m tucked up on the couch with a pile of vitamins by my side reading about Helen’s incredible family story, would you guys celebrate my birthday for me? I would be so happy if someone could enjoy this day for me.


for all aussies out there, expats & locals alike…
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PS and just in case you are STILL not feeling the magic for tomorrow, check out this piece of musical finery and tell me you ain’t even just a little bit in the mood for celebrating.

PPS I have another reason why I love Australia Day so much, I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. For impatient readers, there is a hint here. Seriously, you don’t come much more aussie than me. even thought I live on a boat in amsterdam. hmm.

i feel better already!
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After a walk through town, and lunch and afternoon tea with two of my beautiful friends who both seemed very happy to have me back, I’m regaining my happy composure, even with the rain tumbling down and the clouds heavy and grey. Thanks girls!

I’ve also had a chance to catch up on some of my favourite blogs and now I see how much I’ve been missing out!! You guys have some awesome posts and new projects happening, I can barely keep up. I hope to get back into my blog favourites posts by next week. In the meantime, i give you this image above. I snapped it at Jardin Des Plantes in Paris last year. And yes, its poladroided. I’m so pleased to see so many of you having fun with poladroids! and I’m even more thrilled to hear that polaROID may be saved! that is cause for big celebrations, and amanda has announced the 18th of january to be polaroid day. yay!