the last post for 2008…
Posted in recent work December 31st, 2008 by piablog

May 2009 bring positive change, hope, strength and courage. Enjoy the last day of the year my dear friends!


PS I’ll tell you more about this photograph I styled a few months ago, in the new year. I love it’s simplicity, and i thought it was perfect for ringing in the new year with each of you here in the (blog)house: Let’s toast – santé!

self-portrait, now…
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…taken on le petit bateau last month. poladroided.

self portrait, then…
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…I found this photo sitting on my mum’s sideboard. I am just 17. I remember taking the photo in my bedroom, with my canon AE-1. This is how I spent my saturday nights, I was more interested in experimenting with my camera and developing the film above anything else. And I was too shy to ask for models so I always used myself. I remember, I developed this roll of film on the following monday at school, choosing sepia tone over straight black and white.

it’s time to draw the name from the hat…
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It has been a beautiful few days here in Sydney, and French Boy has fallen head over heels for this part of the world. We have been spending our first week here just lazing about the water’s edge, gently sunning ourselves and dipping into the turquoise H20 to cool down every so often.

I know, it’s harsh isn’t it. I just hope you don’t hate me for this, especially those of you who are stuck in knee high snow at the moment. I snapped the photo above while in Avalon yesterday, after indulging in a rather scrumptious breakfast at The Starfish Cafe (French Boy had never before seen a breakfast menu with so many choices! And I forgot how wonderful it is to be able to ask for (and warmly receive) a loose leaf english breakfast tea with honey AND soy milk!)


But let’s get to it – who is the winner of the stunning Dinosaur Designs vase? (which, I must add, to describe as ‘stunning’ is an understatement. must I give it away?!).

Well, let’s see. I’ve put all the names in a jar and am dipping my hand into it now. My eyes are shut. Oh I so wish all of you to win! But there can only be one…

…and the winner is…

Devi! Congratulations you lucky gal!! please email me your address and i will pop your prize in the mail tout de suite.


Thank you everyone who commented and wished me a happy blog anniversary. I can’t tell you how much your beautiful comments touched my heart. So many of you went out on a limb and commented for the first time, and others that I know aren’t keen commenters did so. Thank you! You have all made my first year of blogging so very special, and I can’t wait to share more with you this coming year, I know we are going to have an absolute blast!

Enjoy the rest of the festive season mes chers amis, I have a few new favourite photos that I will be posting over the coming weeks, and then I will recommence normal posting when i return to amsterdam, rejuvenated and bursting with inspiration, in late january. I’ve only been away for a few days and already my mind is alight with new ideas. Oh it’s going to be a wondrous year ahead. Can you feel it too?


PS I’ve got colours!

happy one year anniversary!!
Posted in handmade, homewares December 22nd, 2008 by piablog

WOW! can you believe it’s been one whole year since I wrote my very first post!? approximately 400 posts + 7000 comments later, here we all are, regularly congregating in the little (blog)house. It has been so much fun hanging out with each of you. Your support & enthusiasm for my work has filled me with incredible energy.

In those 400 posts, in between regular posts we’ve seen little harriet come to life; explored 3 fabulous cities through soundscapes; wandered around my new hometown of amsterdam; peeked inside my old paris apartment; walked the streets of Paris while I write my Paris book; enjoyed my first ever impromptu (blog)concert; listened to my first ever full piano composition; had many a deep discussion about tibet; and had tea in my little Amsterdam houseboat. Not only that, we have all embarked on a journey to explore our wandering hearts. This for me is so very special, and next year I will be able to continue this project and reveal more about the My Heart Wanders book to come, as well as continue with all of the above.

But today, right now, I just want to say thank you for being here. And to do that, I have a rather beautiful little something just. for. you. But what is it?

Well, yesterday I mentioned that it was something über stylish. something unique. and something from Australia.

What I didn’t tell you is that it is gorgeous. it is hand made with love. and it has everything to do with the above photographs of one of my favourite designers in the world. This, mes chers amis, is…

The fabulous photograph you see above, taken by my friend, photographer Andrew Young is of an incredible seed vase from Dinosaur Designs, of which they have kindly offered for me to give to you to celebrate my one year blog anniversary.

This vase (click here to read the details about it), has come to be on the blog with the help of a couple of fabulous friends – while I’ve been busy with shoots in Amsterdam, I wasn’t sure how I could photograph the vase and get it here on the blog in time for the (blog)house anniversary, and then be able to have it in my hands to mail it to you. After all, it is on the other side of the world! But then it all came together – awesome andrew managed to pick up the vase on his motorbike the other night, then photographed it for me in his studio the next day, sent me the image that evening, then passed it to my friend and fabo stylist trish heagerty who is now minding it until I arrive in Sydney to pick it up to send to one of you!! Thank you Dinosaur, Andrew, and Trish, you all rock.


For your chance to be the lucky owner of this vase (I already envy you!!), all you need to do is comment on this post. That’s it! I want to be able to offer this to all my readers as my way of saying thank you for your company this year, so even if you don’t normally comment please do – all your names will go into a hat and I will pull out a name on christmas day (with the help of a special little helper). I will announce the winner and send it to you from Sydney to where ever you are in the world, so by 2009, you will be the proud owner of your very own piece of Dinosaur Designs.

WOWSERS! I do hope you are as excited about this as I am. bonne chance my dear friends, bonne chance!