holiday gift ideas: for him (encore)
Posted in artists, christmas ideas, handmade November 29th, 2008 by piablog

In my rush to get out to my spontaneous thanksgiving meal last night I forgot to post one of my proudest discoveries for holiday gift ideas: for him…

These limited edition handmade bandannas come from a recent exhibition called bootlegger, curated by Melbourne based artist Niels ‘Nails’ Oeltjen. Selected artists were invited to express their ideas in the form of an original drawing, painting, or print, and the images created were then printed onto fabric and made into bandannas, which were shown and sold at the exhibition. You can read more about the exhibition here. And best of all, you can purchase the bandannas right here! They are AU$66, with editions limited strictly to 20 per design. I think this is just one of the most fabulous boy gifts ever, don’t you?


Bandanna findings with much thanks to Australian Edge.

PS oh the kids, I’ve forgotten the kids! no i have not, i would never! but as it turns out i’ve had a very full day and i need a rest. so i’ve decided to post my holiday gift ideas: for kids this weekend instead. See you then!

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holiday gift ideas: for him!
Posted in christmas ideas, handmade November 27th, 2008 by piablog

“Hims” are always hard to buy for aren’t they? They just make it so hard with their masculinity and all. I like to steer away from the list of toys they always request – ipods, video games, iphones, etc and give them something that is handmade, thoughtful, and appeals to their soft centres. Here I have found a few things that I think might just do the trick…

Clockwise from top left:

1. Our very own Erin has her very own t-shirt! And even better is that it is part of Sonadei’s recycled t-shirt collection. Isn’t this the grooviest? It is the perfect boy gift. Read more about how the t-shirts are made here, and buy Erin’s tee here. $21.50.

2. Po-Zu shoes. Are just. So. Good. Read all about these incredibly stylish eco friendly shoes here (click on the “pure” link), and check for your nearest stockist here. The UK online boutique, The Natural Store, have a great selection of Po-Zu’s, click here to browse the selection. The ones featured above are £95. (There is a range for girls too and I have a pair of the slippers. My feet are in heaven) (and they come in the coolest coconut box, you almost just have to get a pair so you can have the box).

3. These upcycled vintage suitcases rock. They are from Get Ready Set Go! based in Michigan. $99.95

4. These hand knitted fingerless gloves would look super cool on a dude. They are made with cashmerino yarn by Knit Happens , cost $54, and are made in the UK.

5. Another cool upcycled bag! Hot stuff. This one is also from Get Ready Set Go!$48.50.

6. So masculine is this cowl. It is hand knitted by Moo Cow Hand Knits based in the UK. $35.

And for the fancy man (ie the man in your life that wears a suit – I personally don’t know any, but I know they’re out there!) On the left: clipper ship print ties from toy breaker. $30. Michigan. (also check out the whole store, there are HEAPS of cool designs). On the right: man scarf, perfect for suit wearers. $35. UK.

Homewares for boys? you bet!

Clockwise from top left:

1. not officially homewares-y, BUT this handmade sterling silver guitar pick is not only going to go down an absolute treat with your musically talented male recipient, but it is one of those pieces that will look smashing just casually lying on his coffee table. You can also get a special message engraved on it for him! It’s from Andros Creations in Ohio. $60.

2. Guys love dinosaurs. It’s a fact! And this wire stegosaurus is so perfectly manly. It’s made by New york sculptor Susan Graham from sugar susan’s, and is priced at $88.

3. Organic cotton dishcloths. You think I am joking? I am not! Guys need to clean up too, right? (if the men in your life do not clean up after themselves, we need to talk). I have these double knit dishcloths myself from eco kate and I can tell you, THEY ARE FABULOUS. And note to all: If you are still buying manufactured dish sponges, please stop. $11.50 for two. New Jersey.

4. And last but not least, I adore this check alpine blanket from one eco home in the UK. It is made with 100% wool from sheep grazed in alpine meadows on the French Alps, and have been used for centuries for hunting, skiing, and climbing. £145.00 – £220.00

I’m now regretting my rule of not exchanging christmas gifts with French Boy this year. That silver pick has his name all over it (you may have to wait until your birthday my love).


So I do hope there are some treats in there for you to give to your ‘him’. And as I always say, do check out each store link as there are so many goodies that I could pick from each, but I just select one or two for this post. Oh, one more that I just can’t resist…

How gorgeous is this vintage bowling pin?! It comes from Brooklyn rehab’s poppytalk market stall and is a whole whopping $6.50. Quick! I simply must know that one of you have whipped it up for your man/you/me. Also be sure to check out the rest of poppytalk’s holiday market while you are there as it’s only open until December 12.


Extra note: I am taking French Boy out for a very spontaneous surprise dinner – i noticed his comment on Aran’s pumpkin pie below, and so I thought I’d scout out a restaurant to have a Thanksgiving dinner here in Amsterdam, complete with pumpkin pie. I found a place, but… it could be great, or it could be not so great. We will find out! This will be his FIRST ever thankgiving dinner. shhhhhhh.

I will be back tomorrow with holiday gifts for the kiddies!


happy thanksgiving!
Posted in food, photographers November 27th, 2008 by piablog

Hmm, is it too much to ask for a piece of your pumpkin pie?


image of pumpkin pie deliciousness by Aran. I ate the missing piece of course.


PS boys gift ideas coming up in mere moments! well first I have to head out to do an errand. And I can’t decide if I should ride my bike or take the tram. This decision could take me a while.

PPS it just started raining – decision made! see you soon.

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holiday gift ideas: for her
Posted in christmas ideas, fashion, handmade November 26th, 2008 by piablog

It’s not news to you that as an interior stylist I derive alot of my inspiration from nature. And I’m just as besotted with the era of the roaring 20’s, in both interiors and fashion. so when I began creating this selection of fashiony gifts ‘for her’, I wasn’t surprised to see that my inspirations were so apparent…

above, clockwise from top left:

1 + 2. This peacock purse is from ruby red rose in Bristol, UK. The fabrics and designs are lush, and a clutch purse is just such a perfect, girly gift, non? $85

3. I love vintage hat pins! Surely I’m not the only one? These are cute as, and come from Callooh Callay’s etsy vintage shop in Missouri, and cost $22.

4. This ornament is pretty and perfect for a girl with a dog! It’s from Marriage of Metal. $18.

5. I was VERY excited to find these native american made feather earrings from Leelinau. $23.

6. The Emma hat, from BKM Hatittude based in Northern California. All handmade, 100% cotton. and just $25.

clockwise, from top left.

1. head piece – i think every girl needs a in their stocking this year, don’t you? based in LA. $85.

2. I’m totally in love with liza rietz’s collection this season, and this scooped cowl knit number is just one of them. Portland. $228.

3. Every classy gal needs a little book of fine poetry in her bag! And this one looks like a little piece of magic. Written by Holly Wren Spaulding of Hende, it’s called The Grass Impossibly. Signed, limited edition. just $10.

4. and again with the feathers! Because feathers are beautiful. These also from Leelinau in Wisconsin. $23.

and just a little round up of items for those girls out there who are fabulous at being organised! (oh i strive to be you! these goodies would help me…)

clockwise from top left:

1. + 2. briones & co. have the coolest little organising kits. From Columbus Ohio. $20.

3. decorated paper clips. super cute. and just $5 from Crow and Iris.

4. Simple Song’s i love lists letterpress sheets. set of 12 for $7, only two in stock so get in quick.


I do hope you find some pieces in there for the girls in your life, if they are anything like me then they will love these items. I will just add a little disclaimer here that I have only selected a few items from just a few of my favourite boutiques and designers. I know and love WAY TOO MANY boutiques and designers around the globe who fit into my philosophy to recommend in just one post, so please be sure to check out the fashion and handmade categories while you are here – I mention favourite designers throughout the year and will continue to do so. Also remember to click on the links above and check out what else is in each store because there is PLENTY more where these came from! Oh and I can’t help it, just one more for the road:

vintage leaf pins
from sprout studio in san francisco. $8.50.



Tomorrow is for the boys!

PS I cleaned all the outside of the boat windows today. I’m rather proud.

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holiday gift ideas: for the home
holiday gift ideas: for the home (encore)
Posted in christmas ideas, handmade, homewares November 26th, 2008 by piablog

I just had to sneak these in…

mauve tweed pillow
from jill bent. divine. $58 each. and on the right are a collection of herriott grace’s (aka 46th at grace) handmade spoons now for sale. wow. wow. wow. also read the story of how the spoons came about here. canada. $40 – 70 each.


next up: gifts for her, I promise!

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