the apple is still here
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actually I just ate it. and it was delicious.

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One of my favourite blogs that got me inspired to enter this blogging world was that of Irene Hoofs who created the very chic and sophisticated Bloesem and Bloesem Kids. And if you’ve been a fan of her blogs too, you will have noticed she has been taking us all on a world tour with her blogging friends. Today, on her last day of the world tour , she invited me along to join this gorgeous gang to share with her readers about where I live now, and who my favourite artist is that has inspired me the most. So click here to read about my favourite wander through Amsterdam, and click here to read about this very special artist who I am thrilled to introduce to you.


I will be revealing more about him in the coming posts too, taking you on a full tour of his magical property in Bathurst, NSW, and talk to you about his work and why it inspires me so. I will also let you in on a little secret now…


…it was a wander through his mudbrick home a few years ago that I spotted the above wandering heart, which begun the whole My Heart Wanders journey we are all on now. So make yourself a cup of tea or pour yourself a glass of vin rouge and go and read all about it at Bloesem. Pour yourself another glass and catch up on the other posts from the world tour which include bloggers like Jo in New York, Madhiti in Germany, and Julie and Kathyrn from Perfect Bound reporting from Winnipeg. Have fun! And drop by here again soon to see more of this inspirational artist and his magical home.

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after all that fun, apples are pretty.
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I should be eating this, instead of the piece of chocolate I am currently nibbling. I am such a bad girl.

Coincidently, this countdown is now running simultaneously with my other deadline, and now this chalk-drawing-countdown-fabo-idea-of-mine is actually stressing me out a bit. I only have 17 days left to hand in all my work!! And you only have 17 days to hand in all your work. Well, we are in this together. Chocolate helps. And apples look pretty.

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My Heart Wanders: 6 weeks to deadline
60 sec interview with: Marcus Thyer
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My fabulous guest Marcus indulge me this morning by answering a smattering of questions I threw at him in an attempt to find out a little bit more about him for us all, in the quickest, most entertaining way possible (if you’re anything like me, you might love interviews but find you don’t read them if they are long and wordy like this intro)…

So, here it is!

And just to give you a recap of Marcus – he is a brilliant photographic retoucher, a dear friend, and is currently sipping martinis in the guest quarters right now with bazza, his company (witchetty grub) mascot…


PJB: do you eat green eggs and ham?
MT: yep, often

PJB: what if it was retouched?
MT: bloody oath

PJB: what is your favourite object to retouch?
MT: humans

PJB: what was the most challenging thing you’ve worked on?
MT: 500 dolphins in a school forming a shape which says “call 1800 anytime” which I had to redo 4 times, on a older retouching system that did not work in layers.

PJB: who has been one of your favourite photographers to work with thus far?
MT: Sean Izzard, who happens to be the one that also gives me the most work.

PJB: who is the photographer of that incredibl(y disturbing) portrait you have in your dining room, and why do you like it?
MT: Erwin Olaf, his work reflects his individual, smutty, humorous personality. He also sees beauty in all people not just beautiful people!

PJB: when will you take down the mao poster in your living room that i dislike so?
MT: what’s it to you!! you don’t have to look at it!!
PJB: note to self: oh. looks like I won’t be invited over again anytime soon then :-(


PJB: in this photo that you worked on above for Olympus, who is the boy in the red board shorts doing a jump in the top right hand corner?
MT: my bloodnut son Ricco

PJB: what is Ricco’s favourite food?
MT: sushi

PJB: why am i not in that photo?
MT: cause I did not have one of you!! don’t you hate to miss out!!!!!

PJB: and finally, what is the mistake you see the most with photographs from upcoming photographers trying to get the hang of photoshop?
don’t try and be jack of all trades, remember that the most memorable images are usually a team effort so find yourself a great team: go team!!!!!
PJB: note to self: nicely played, but he’s oh so right.


PJB: and the last but not least important, you stayed in the houseboat while I was in Paris working last month, but everyone wants to know, how was the shower?
MT: Shower was great, but I still have a sore neck from having to bend my head while I was standing taking a leak!!
PJB: note to self: great, thanks Marcus, I haven’t actually told readers about the toilet as of yet, now I will have to explain!! sheesh.

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cookie monster (aka pia la pipelette) says…
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there are only 18 days to send in your submission! There are some knock-outs coming in, I’m looking forward to sharing some more sneak peeks with you soon.

next up: an interview with our guest! it’s short, it’s funny, and it’s exclusive.

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