Spring Menu + Styling Tips
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With thanks to the fabulous Laura from A World In A Pan. Who also happens to be mother to the beautiful Mary-Laure! Laura runs a wonderful cooking class in Paris. If you have a love for food and a love for Paris then this is one of the best ways to fully experience real Paris lifestyle… what is real Paris lifestyle? It all revolves around food! You eat, you talk about what you are eating, you talk about what you want to eat next, what you cook, what the person at the next table is eating and so on… Laura takes you to one of her local markets to choose seasonal ingredients for your menu, then she brings you back to her place to cook up a storm. Afterwards you sit down to enjoy your home cooked Paris menu on her terrace with accompanying wine.

All the recipes for Laura’s Spring Menu are posted in the (blog)house kitchen now. I’d love you to cook this menu at your next dinner party, it will surely be a hit.

Some Spring Menu styling tips from the stylist in me:

  • have loads of little glasses filled with individual flowers on your table to give that ‘handpicked from the garden’ spring feel to your table setting.
  • Keep your linen and cutlery loose and unstaged.
  • When you present the quiche, sprinkle some edible flowers and petals over the top of it to give that wow effect.
  • For the Strawberries in Sparkling Wine, serve them in different vintage glasses for each guest. Have an extra bowl of strawberries on the table for nibbling on after the dessert, and perhaps even a little pot of whipped cream or melted chocolate for dipping.
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    1. marie says

      oh i love food too!
      cant wait to go to the market :)

      April 30th, 2008 | #

    2. Jessica says

      Bonjour Pia la Pipelette.
      Good to hear you had fun in Paris :)

      April 30th, 2008 | #

    3. Mary-Laure says

      Laura is the best… She’s my mum!

      April 30th, 2008 | #

    4. Yoli says

      I love it Pia!

      April 30th, 2008 | #

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