Amsterdam is rocking!!!
Posted in amsterdam, music April 30th, 2008 by piablog

This is my first Queens Day here in Amsterdam. The whole city is one massive party – the streets are full of happy people, everyone wears orange, and the streets become a ‘free market’ – like one gigantic car boot sale. I have my orange Ben Sherman shirt ready for the occasion. Although I am in crazy deadline mode again, I will try to get out my camera to take some snaps for you, but in the meantime, this day gives me the perfect excuse to share this song with you! It totally cracks me up and brings out the Dutchie in me…Happy Queen’s Day everyone!!

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Spring Menu + Styling Tips
Posted in recipes April 29th, 2008 by piablog


With thanks to the fabulous Laura from A World In A Pan. Who also happens to be mother to the beautiful Mary-Laure! Laura runs a wonderful cooking class in Paris. If you have a love for food and a love for Paris then this is one of the best ways to fully experience real Paris lifestyle… what is real Paris lifestyle? It all revolves around food! You eat, you talk about what you are eating, you talk about what you want to eat next, what you cook, what the person at the next table is eating and so on… Laura takes you to one of her local markets to choose seasonal ingredients for your menu, then she brings you back to her place to cook up a storm. Afterwards you sit down to enjoy your home cooked Paris menu on her terrace with accompanying wine.

All the recipes for Laura’s Spring Menu are posted in the (blog)house kitchen now. I’d love you to cook this menu at your next dinner party, it will surely be a hit.

Some Spring Menu styling tips from the stylist in me:

  • have loads of little glasses filled with individual flowers on your table to give that ‘handpicked from the garden’ spring feel to your table setting.
  • Keep your linen and cutlery loose and unstaged.
  • When you present the quiche, sprinkle some edible flowers and petals over the top of it to give that wow effect.
  • For the Strawberries in Sparkling Wine, serve them in different vintage glasses for each guest. Have an extra bowl of strawberries on the table for nibbling on after the dessert, and perhaps even a little pot of whipped cream or melted chocolate for dipping.
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    Pia La Pipelette is back…
    Posted in personal April 29th, 2008 by piablog

    Before I could speak words I was talking. Mum’s eyes light up when she tells the story of how I would chatter on and on and on in some kind of language before I was yet one year old. She says she would sit and listen and reply in english words and then i would reply to her in my ‘words’. She recalls that I was indeed having a conversation and was fully aware of what I was saying, it’s just that no one else understood. When I did learn to speak words that everyone understood, I continued to chatter away.

    And so I was nicknamed little miss ‘chatterbox’.

    Just the other day, French Boy taught me the French word for chatterbox. It’s pipelette! (pronounced: pip-let) And this is my new favourite word. From now on I have self-titled myself as Pia La Pipelette. French boy has a continual smirk on his face when I get into ‘pipelette’ mode, he finds it rather hilarious. Another friend likes to call my chatterings as ‘passionate ranting’. Obviously there is a continual theme in my life… I talk. alot.

    Most of the time I have great trouble with this blog, as all I want to do is chatter away with you. The last two weeks were excruciating to only have time to post one or two photos. But here I am, back in the (blog)house, and I’m afraid I may be pipelette-ing away. You’ve been warned my lovelies!

    It’s good to be back. I missed you.

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    crazy beautiful: street art of paris
    Posted in paris, stores April 27th, 2008 by piablog

    this morning i indulged in sunday brunch in montmatre. It is a gloriously sunny day here, and I am hoping the weather follows me as I board the thalys tonight, bound once again for Amsterdam. It would also be great if the piano man who plays his portable upright outside abbesses metro, along with his saxophonist friend, could follow me. But then I know where to find them if they choose to stay.

    I have heaps still to share with you from paris, but will do so over coming days as you know I was not able to spend much time posting these last two weeks. Thanks for staying with me on this trip and keeping me company, I think I would like to take you with me everywhere from now on, it makes my work and journeys so much more beautiful.

    I will be able to get back to normal posting when in Amsterdam tomorrow but for now, i leave you with something rather special: a little part of this city i like to call ‘crazy beautiful’. That is, a glimpse of some of my finds of paris street art. You know the drill – click here for the soundtrack which will open in another window, and then click back on this window to scroll down through this post. Enjoy, mes chers amis











    if you would like to know where to find any of these beauties just ask in the comments and i will try to guide you there. thank you edith for being such an inspiration and providing the perfect soundtrack to paris. au revoir paris, à bientot!


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    can you tell i love wandering the gardens of paris?
    Posted in nature, paris, pia's photos April 27th, 2008 by piablog

    le jardin des plantes.

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