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Posted in fashion, homewares February 29th, 2008 by piablog

I fell in love just the other day: the moment I laid eyes on this range my heart skipped a beat, and I completely went weak in the knees when I touched the garments. The more I found out about the designs and company profile, the more my heart fluttered. This Danish fashion designer gets the enhance the everyday hallmark for being everything we want in a fashion label.

Introducing, AYMARA



“in this modern, transient world, everything is quickly discarded. i wanted to create a product that endures, not just in time, but also in people’s hearts”. Maria Høgh Heilmann, fashion designer AYMARA


AYMARA is named after the original Bolivian people and their language, Aymará. This exclusive fashion company meets our demands as the modern, conscientious consumer with their stunning, high quality garments wrapped in good conscience.

”The vision for our collections for women, infants and home is to create original, but classic designs in such authentic and durable materials so they can last many seasons. When we combine this vision with fair trade principles, the result is authentic sustainability.” Trine Fyhr for AYMARA


AYMARA is part of a developing project in Bolivia – the first Danish fashion label to introduce the Llama fibre (called cashlama) and to create awareness of Bolivia and their exclusive products. Read more about AYMARA right here.


My wardrobe has been in serious need of refreshing and this is exactly what I was looking for – I am going for the wrap cardigans, and that top in the first image has my name on it. Oh who am I kidding, I cannot take a favourite item here, I mean, look at those long johns! I also want the entire homeware range you see above. AYMARA, I’m so glad I found you.

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we’re on a roll…
Posted in my heart wanders February 28th, 2008 by piablog

Photography by (blog)house reader, Deborah.

This diptych was taken when her and her man travelled to Bathurst, NSW, Australia (one of my favourite country towns), they had a fabulous time and decided to hold their wedding there at a farmhouse which will be in a few months! Deborah wrote, “it’s amazing where you wander and how your heart follows suit.” I could not agree more Deborah. Oh your images make me miss that Australian sun. Beautiful submission, thank you.

I am busy archiving all the first entries and have just been picking ones out randomly as I go- so no tears if I haven’t put yours up on the blog, all in good time. And don’t hesitate to submit more if you find you have come up with more ideas – no time limits thus far so if you spy your wandering heart again then do take the time to capture it.

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my heart wanders again…
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a beautiful submission by michelle, from which the heart shape has been cut from a slip and rests ever-so gently on the corner of the chair…

“All of my work deals with intimacy and I prefer to use recycled, personal materials. This image was taken in maybe the most intimate space in my life, my bedroom.”

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My Heart Wanders…
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one of seven submissions by blogger/photographer 22butterfly.

Love this. I will display more of Maggie’s submissions as inspiration for us all, she has created some magnificent vignettes for the project. My Heart Wanders is on it’s way! (i promise to reveal the deadline date in coming days)

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Paris Latin Quarter: before and after…
Posted in paris February 26th, 2008 by piablog

For this post’s soundtrack, click here.

I often wonder what life was like for the people who lived in Paris a couple of centuries ago. Did they see the same things that I see today? Did they look down at the same cobblestones? Well, have a look at these to find out…

La rue Soufflot in 1850…

And today, 158 years later…

Le Carrefour de l’Odéon in 1850..

And today…

The 6th arrondissement back in the 1800’s…

And today, with the looming Montparnasse tower in the background…

and some more…




Pretty cool non? Amazing to think that we have been walking the same streets for all these years. Click here to see some more.

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