My Heart Wanders: Q & A
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2189312950_c84bddc96b.jpgfrom 3 continent family – beautiful setting: evocative and simple, a perfect place for a little wandering heart…

I am so thrilled with your responses with this project, and I’ve been having a little stroll through all your blogs and I could not be any more excited about the talent out there! Oh you all have so much creative ability, I’m speechless at the thought of how beautiful this book can be. Here are your questions answered and don’t hesitate to ask more – this beginning stage is all about discussing the idea and getting your creativity flowing. Just like a pre-production meeting, we can communicate our ideas and get the look, style, feel and concept in our minds and then we will get to work!

With my introduction of the idea yesterday, the first part of the creative process is that you start to think about heart shapes and start to see them out and about – either in your minds eye or in spaces and settings around you. This is vital to the creative process as it will guide you into your own direction.

At this stage here are your first questions answered:

1. I will not set a deadline yet as you need a little time to get your ideas flowing. We want this to be as beautiful as possible, it is not going to be a spit-it-out project: this is a real production with a real result, it will be treated with professional hands. BUT there will be a deadline set at my discretion when I see you are ready. I will give plenty of notice.

2. Your heart shaped object must be placed inside a setting – a table setting, a floor setting, a room setting and so on. It must be ‘seen but not heard’. In other words, I want the image to contain your object but not be too loud in the image – not be screaming out saying ‘look at me look at me!’. It will be subtle. Why? Because I want readers to be drawn INTO the image. I have found a few images of room settings amongst you that I love, and this will give you an idea of what direction to head into.

3. The images you submit must be hi-resolution JPEG or TIFF images, 300 dpi, appx 2,400 pixels x 3,000 pixels which is appx 8″ by 10″ – if this is not possible then let me know but we must aim for the best quality for the images to be of publication standards. If you simply do not have a camera that is good enough then perhaps your image can be smaller in the book but it will not be one of the features. Remember you can ask a friend who has a better camera to help you take the shot. This is a collaborative project so collaborate away!

4. Send your images to this address:
Make sure you state clearly your name, your contact details, and a brief description of your work and your image. If you have a little story or poem or some text to compliment your image that would be great.

5. ALL LANGUAGES WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR TEXT, so if your mother tongue is not english that is absolutely fine and is even more welcomed!! It will be the diversity of this project that will make it special. And we all know how much we LOVE fonts and other languages. Please translate your work if possible into english so that I know what it means!

Here are another two spaces I found that might help you to think about where you might like to place your heart shape. These images are from Livvia’s beautiful blog – a great source of photographic inspiration for ‘my heart wanders’…



Can you imagine seeing a little heart shaped object in here somewhere?

I’ve enjoyed going through your flickr sets too everyone, there is loads of inspiration amongst you and I will post a few shots here and there in this beginning stage to help other participants with their own work.

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  1. Julie says

    A really wonderful project, Pia. Really.

    January 18th, 2008 | #

  2. marie says

    i love livvias blog too! (i just wish i could read it)
    ive been brainstorming too.. merci for the hints!

    January 18th, 2008 | #

  3. Dana says

    I would like to contribute to this project and I am very excited! can’t wait. will send images soon.

    January 18th, 2008 | #

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